Technical conditions

Note! The minimum distance of text and graphic elements from the cutting line (margin) should be 10 mm (this applies to full-page ads).

For 204 x 290 mm journals with + 4 mm drop, the ad should be 212 x 298 mm. The area for text and graphic elements is 184 x 270 mm or 179 x 270 mm.

File formats
Our Graphic Design Studio works on PCs. Finished ads are accepted in digital formats, prepared using InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDraw (version 12 or earlier), or other formats: indd, eps, ai, pdf (version 1.4), tif, jpg, psd, cdr, ps (composite).


  • Bitmap components (such as photos) must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at actual size and be in CMYK mode.
  • All colours used in a project should be defined in CMYK (not RGB, Lab, Pantone or other). Note! Publisher is not responsible for mismatched colours in graphic elements not provided in CMYK standard.
  • pdf files should only contain objects made in CMYK mode.
  • Analogue or digital proofs of sample printouts to be sent to the Publisher’s address. We can provide correct colour printing only from properly executed proofs. The Elamed Publishing Graphic Design Studio can prepare a proof – if requested – for PLN 50 for digital or PLN 100 for analogue, added to the final invoice. Advertisers may reject print materials with a colour proof, however, this might result in minor colours distortions, for which Elamed Publishing is not responsible. In this case, please provide an ordinary printout, or for projects submitted as indd, eps, ai, psd, cdr or pdf files, a low resolution jpg file, in RGB mode, as a template.
  • All text in a project should be converted to curves or embedded fonts. Otherwise, Elamed Publishing Graphic Design Studio cannot guarantee the compatibility of the submitted templates with the printed ones.
  • Fine lines and 8-point or less characters in a text should be made in one or two of three colours (CMYK ) in full saturation, e.g.100K.

Materials for ads prepared by Elamed Publishing’s Graphic Design Studio

  • Text – Word files (with .doc extension) and text files (.txt extension) sent by e-mail or on disc. One page in the magazine can fit about 4,600 characters without spaces (including the title). If the page should also contain graphic elements (such as photos, drawings, charts), the text must contain proportionately fewer characters.
  • Pictures – with a resolution of min. 300 dpi, sharp. File Format: jpg, tif, psd, gif (in CMYK mode).
  • Printed materials for scanning – brochures, flyers, etc. Sharp, properly lit, undamaged, undescribed.
  • Logo – printed on a folder, letterhead, briefcase or in tif, eps, jpg or pdf formats (CMYK), with a min. resolution of 300 dpi at actual size.

Our Graphic Design Studio prepares ad projects for approval by the advertiser. Projects may be sent by e-mail (jpg or pdf) for approval.

Draft ads prepared by our Graphic Design Studio are owned by Elamed Publishing and may not be reproduced without their permission. Copyright to your project may be purchased in order to use it in other publications.

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