Fastener, Issue 1/2017
Fastener, Issue 1/2017

This is the second issue of the Fastener magazine in this year and the second bilingual edition at all. With the aim of the constant development, we added a section in English, which will help us reach an even bigger circle of Polish and international recipients. This issue is dedicated on Fastener Poland fair coorganized by ELAMED MEDIA GROUP and International Exhibition and Convention Centre EXPO Krakow.


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How to get supplementary funding in Poland for development of steel industry business?

Many entrepreneurs operating in the steel industry in the Polish market face a dilemma: from where to get money for further development? One of the options may be the EU funds. We will tell you what sources you can use, for what kind of projects you will receive funding and what procedure you have to go through for the money to reach your business.


Joining of composite structural aircraft components

From the first successful flying structures up to the present time, various structural materials were used in the construction of aircraft, ranging from heavy steel, through aluminum alloys, to other metals and their alloys. For the last several years there has been a noticeable increase in the use of composite materials in the aviation industry. This is because of their properties – they are relatively light and, on the other hand, they are mechanically resistant.

Designing fl anged circular joints with a gasket

This study presents calculations of the bolted flanged joints with a gasket, used in piping systems. The method described in PN-EN 1591-1 has been adopted as the basis for calculations. Design assumptions used in the calculation method and its limitations have been discussed. The calculation algorithm for the selected flanged joints is presented.


Preventing head cracks on bolts: a numerical approach

Cold forging, one of the oldest methods of production, is a metal forming process that is often preferred in today’s industry. In cold forging process, workpiece is formed by being exposed to press forces between two dies or tools. Moreover, high surface quality can be obtained and precise tolerances can be achieved in cold forging.

Innovative furniture fitting systems

Modern furniture connecting fittings should be versatile, mechanically durable and easy to install. In some cases they are required to provide multiple assembly/disassembly capability, to be invisible and, due to a shorter life cycle of the product, to be easily recyclable.