From 19 to 21 March 2019 the next edition of Fastener Fair Stuttgart will take place where pgb, leading manufacturer of and supplier in structural steel fasteners, wood screws and anchors, will be prominently present again on STAND 836.


pgb – we breathe fasteners and fixings

pgb is a family-owned Belgian company that offers a wide range of fasteners and fixings that meet and exceed international standards. Our core business has always been the distribution of fastener materials. Our total product range consists of more than 50 000 products: from bolts and nuts to professional wood screws, cutting edge anchors to tools and drill accessories. Besides this, we daily work on customized solutions and special engineered products on customer’s request. Our own factory plants in Poland, pgb-Polska (anchors) and Vietnam, phc fasteners (wood screws) produce products of the highest quality according to European Regulations.


Structural Bolts: We have enlarged our product range of SB bolts (EN 15048), HV (EN 14399-4) and HR assemblies (EN 14399-3). Audited and certified by TÜV Germany, we offer the highest quality bolt assemblies directly from our stock.

Hapax wood screws: a range of innovative professional universal wood screws and timber construction screws (patented design). Thanks to its special drill point and optimized geometry, the screw is inserted in the wood with the less effort. This results in split-free mounting, even close to the edge. Moreover, it reduces stress on the wrist and improves the ergonomics during installation for the user. The special BlueTop coating enlarges the corrosion resistance by a 10-fold compared towards conventional zinc plating.

Insulation fixings: SMART offers economical, energy-efficient and safe fixings for ETICS for all building materials. The innovative S-IPT 8 is a screwed-in fixing, which is strongly recommended for thick insulations. It has a short embedment depth and is the most versatile. The S-IPH 10 is a hammered-in fixing with very good pullout resistance and a very short installation time. Accessories such as special insulation discs for soft insulation like mineral wool make the SMART insulation plugs suitable for all jobs.
The STY anchor is a special threaded insulation plug to fix light things to external insulation.

W związku z wejściem w dniu 25 maja 2018 roku nowych przepisów w zakresie ochrony danych osobowych (RODO), chcemy poinformować Cię o kilku ważnych kwestiach dotyczących bezpieczeństwa przetwarzania Twoich danych osobowych. Prosimy abyś zapoznał się z informacją na temat Administratora danych osobowych, celu i zakresu przetwarzania danych oraz poznał swoje uprawnienia. W tym celu przygotowaliśmy dla Ciebie szczegółową informację dotyczącą przetwarzania danych osobowych.
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