NORMA Group has received a major contract for Urea Transport Systems (UTS) from a Japanese commercial vehicle manufacturer.

From 2017 to at least 2025, NORMA Group will annually produce around 40,000 plastic line systems for urea injection at the company’s Chinese site in Qingdao. The UTS are specifically designed for motor circuits of commercial vehicles. They run parallel to the cooling water system, utilizing heat generated from the circuit to eliminate the need for electrical heating.

“Emission control for the reduction of nitrogen oxides is one of the most significant trends in the global automotive industry, driven by increasingly stringent exhaust gas standards,” says Werner Deggim, CEO of NORMA Group. “Our company’s high-performance urea lines reliably transport the urea solution and contribute to emission reduction. Also, the lines are independent of the vehicle electrical system, which relieves the generator and battery.”

Urea Transport Systems (UTS) are pipe systems made of weight-reduced plastics. The urea injection lines and the cooling water system are enclosed together by a plastic corrugated pipe. This design allows the heat released by the cooling water to be transferred to the urea solution to be effective. The urea solution is injected into waste streams by means of a high-pressure injector. This results in the purification of exhaust gas, or Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR). Nitrogen oxides and ammonia are split into the components nitrogen and water.

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