The automotive industry is the largest recipient of fasteners in Europe. It is also the recipient with the highest expectations in terms of quality, logistics and pricing. Importantly, Poland has no reason to feel inferior on the European arena.

Automotive refers to production, sale, technological development and marketing, which all contribute
to the development of self-driving vehicles. The term itself was coined by an engineer and inventor working in the US at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, Elmer Ambrose Sperry (the term automotive comes from the Greek word autos, translated as self, and the Spanish motivus, which means movement).
The automotive sector does not include sales and repairs carried out for retail customers (i.e. all types of local dealers and garages). According to the European Industrial Fasteners Institute, in Europe fasteners are mostly used in the automotive sector (26%). Moreophver, 12% of all fasteners are used for aircraft manufacture, and another 12% in other transport vehicles (such as trains and trams). Therefore, as many as 50% of all fasteners are used in industries manufacturing goods for passenger and
cargo transport. In addition, there is also the production of agricultural equipment (tractors, trailers, spreaders, combines), which is part of the mechanical engineering sector and is also, in a way, linked to transport.